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Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting

19th December 2019

What is the cloud?

The cloud allows you to store and access data over the internet through a network of servers, rather than on a computer hard drive. You can use software in the cloud and access it from any device with an internet connection.

The cloud is changing the way we work, bank, communicate, sell and buy. 

Benefits of the Cloud

Always Accessible

Cloud software is accessed through a web browser or mobile app. it securely retrieves financial data anywhere, anytime on any device with an internet connection.

Same Data

Cloud data lets all users work from the same information simultaneously. Changes are made in real-time so there are no discrepancies. Every user has a unique login to easily track who's carried out tasks.

Worry Free Maintenance

Cloud software updates are automatic and seamless, so you’ll never lose time or money to software upgrades. Whenever you log in you’re using the most up-to-date version. 


Data stored locally on a computer risks being corrupted, stolen or lost. Cloud software is hosted and backed up automatically and securely. If something unforeseen happens to your office equipment, you can get a new laptop and be back on the job immediately.

Data Flow

Harness the benefits of data flow between software applications in the cloud. Cloud-based software can connect securely to data sources like banks, bringing the information into the software directly. This reduces processing time and chance of error.


Cloud-based software allows you to automate labour intensive tasks, such as reconciling accounts and following up overdue invoices. 

Data at your fingertips

Discover the business benefits of accessing real-time financial data.

Financial data on the go

Cloud accounting software, gives you a full picture of the business' financial information accessible on the go. 

Access to up-to-date financial data helps businesses make smarter and more responsive decisions.

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